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Why Christ?

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Why we need Christ in our lives?

We believe that all of us need Jesus Christ in our lives and that Christ is the answer for all the questions, problems and struggles we face in this fragile and uncertain world.

The reason for problems

The reasons are sometimes our own desires, mistakes and wrong doings. The Bible gives answers for why we face such things and how we can overcome.

The Bible tells, in the beginning when God created the universe, everything was good until the sin entered the world separating us from God. We all have sinned and gone our own ways, because of sin people lie, hate, envy, are jealous, steal and kill each other. The Bible says, “the wages (punishment) of our sin is death” which is both a physical death and an eternal spiritual death.

God wants us to enjoy Life

God wants us to enjoy the fullness of life by having Peace, Joy, love and eternal life (life after death), so He (God) gave His only Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins that we might be forgiven and reconciled back to Him to enjoy the fullness of life. Jesus Christ became the mediator between humanity and God, by taking our sins upon Himself. He died on the cross of Calvary even though He was innocent. But God resurrected Jesus on the third day and secured victory over sin and death.

Good News

The good news for us is, that we can personally experience life to the full, and receive victory over sin and death through reconnecting with God. We can reconnect with God by putting our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and what He did at the cross of Calvary. When we believe and accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour, we receive His forgiveness from all our sins and are released to live life in His freedom.

A life of freedom

We can live a victorious life in this uncertain world by having Christ in our lives. When we pray and accept Christ, we receive His Spirit to guide, teach, help, comfort and be with us; in our daily struggles.

God wants us to enjoy the Love, Joy and Peace that He freely provides. Christ gives us hope and victory over death. Even though we are going to physically die in this world, when we trust Him, we have assurance that we are going to be with Him forever, where there is no more pain, or sorrow. If you want to know more about Jesus or about our church, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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